Content Promotion for Online Content Platforms with Diffusion Effect (link)

with Yunduan Lin, Heng Zhang, Renyu Zhang, and Max Shen

M&SOM, forthcoming

Optimizing Offline Product Design and Online Assortment Policy: Measuring the Relative Impact of Each Decision (link)

with Heng Zhang, Paat Rusmevichientong, and Max Shen

Management Science, forthcoming

Modeling and Analysis of the Waiting Time of Rapid Response Process in Acute Care (link)

with Nan Chen, Xiaolei Xie, Li Zheng, and Colleen H. Swartz

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (2018)

Working Papers 

A Learning and Optimization Framework for Personalized Product Design (link)

with Meng Qi and Max Shen

Under Revision

Urban Courier: Operational Innovation and Data-driven Coverage-and-Pricing

with Meng Qi, Junyu Cao, and Max Shen

Under Revision

Conference and Workshops

Smart Feasibility Pump: Reinforcement Learning for (Mixed) Integer Programming (link) (poster)

with Meng Qi and Max Shen

ICML 2021 RL for Real Life Workshop, Spotlight (2021)

Book Chapter

Online Retailing Inventory Management

with Max Shen

Invited book chapter for Research Handbook on Inventory Management (2023)