Product Design for Digital Marketplaces

with Paat Rusmevichientong, Heng Zhang, and Max Shen. 2022. Major Revision at Management Science.

"We develop a principled framework to coordinate online and offline product decisions with practical insights."

- Presented at POMS 2022; RMP 2022.

- Finalist, Jeff McGill Student Paper Award, 2022.

with Meng Qi and Max Shen. 2022. In Preparation for Management Science.

Digital Supply Chain and Logistics System

with Yunduan Lin, Max Shen, Heng Zhang, and Renyu Zhang. 2021. Major Revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

"We help online content platforms analyze and optimize content adoption under diffusion effect."

- Winner, INFORMS Best Student Paper in Social Media Analytics, 2022 (Primarily awarded to Yunduan Lin)

with Meng Qi, Junyu Cao, and Max Shen. 2020. Under Review at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

"We help an intelligent logistics system coordinate transportation services and prices to balance their demand and supply."

- Presented at INFORMS 2019; INFORMS 2020; ISTDM 2021.

Optimization, Analytics, and Machine Learning

with Meng Qi and Max Shen. 2021. ICML 2021 RL for Real Life Workshop

"We train a reinforcement learning agent that mimics classic heuristics to find feasible solution for MIPs."

- Selected as the Spotlight Talk

with Nan Chen, Xiaolei Xie, Li Zheng, and Colleen H. Swartz. 2018. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

"We develop an analytical model to reduce patient waiting time in the rapid response process in acute care."

Book Chapter

with Max Shen. Invited book chapter for Research Handbook on Inventory Management.